Company Infomation

Executive Summary

■ Company Name: Hwasung Economic Co., LTD.

■ Date of Incorporation: Jun, 1993

■ Contents of Business:

    • Engineering and Service for Automotive Industries

    • Trading and Developing for CKD and OEM Business for Auto Parts

■ Address: 205 Kolon Digital Tower Aston, 505-14

                  Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, SEOUL, 153-803, KOREA.

■ President: Jung, Sung Mo

                    Kim, Myung Jin




■ Hwasung Economic is agent in Korea of Iran Khodro Co.(IKCO)
  ※ Iran Khodro(IKCO) is producing the car about 700,000 units per year with 110 sister company.
      IKCO is one of biggest and largest company in Iran and middle east conturies.

■ Hwasung is sourcing the spare parts, equipments, manufacturing lines, and also developing the parts for automobile industries 
  in Korea.

■ Hwasung has engineering service company for automobile industries.

■ Therefore, Hwasung Economic is specialized the all kind of products which is related automobile industries.

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